WAUKESHA, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) - With all the uncertainty surrounding the election, Milwaukee’s largest suburb scrambled to get set up, not knowing whether voting would even take place.

In Waukesha, a shortage of election workers led the city of more than 70,000 to consolidate all of its polling places under one roof.

The city converted the Schuetze Recreation Center into its election headquarters. Employees built screens to separate the dozens of election workers from the hundreds or thousands of voters who will pass through Tuesday. The city clerk told Spectrum News 1 the city did what it could in a difficult situation.

“It’s about as safe as it can be with what we’ve had to work with,” Waukesha clerk-treasurer Gina Kozlik said. “We have sanitizers. We’re going to hand out masks. Nobody really knows. It is a pandemic, but we have lots and lots of precautionary things in place.”

About 42 percent of registered Waukesha voters requested absentee ballots.

Anyone who has not registered but wants to vote can do so at their assigned polling place Tuesday.