MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)—Milwaukee County War Memorial unveils new mural.

In a place where those who have served are honored a new mural depicts just that. The Milwaukee County War Memorial unveiled a new mural that shares the history of African Americans who served our country.

"This is the first African American representation at the war memorial," Center for Veterans Issues Case Manager, James Lindsay said.

It’s a mural of those men and women who blazed an iconic trail in US history. Throughout the mural are African American men and women of Wisconsin who served in the military and their stories of service as well.

"I think the most important part of it is that it shows a piece of our history that has been left out of our books. It gives our community a chance to see the wonderful men and women who have served our country and it also enables the young people to understand that everybody participates in the armed services," Veteran, Derrell Greene said.

Veterans who viewed the mural say they hope it serves as a piece of inspiration to those younger generations.

"I hope for young people especially it will inspire them to do something different, to step outside of a comfort zone and to take that leap," US Army Retired Major General, Marcia Anderson said.

Marcia Anderson knows a thing or two about creating a path for future generations

In 2011 she became the first African American female major general in the United States history.

"I knew the day that I was promoted to major general that I was part of an amazing tradition. But a lot of people have never heard of the people who preceded me in history and did not know about their sacrifices and did not know about the things they overcame. So I felt a great deal of responsibility that day, not only to do a good job when I was promoted but to talk about and to make sure I educated people about our history," Anderson said.

Anderson has a place on the mural wall with her back story to serve as a reminder of whee she came from to those who choose to follow in her footsteps.

The mural is at the Milwaukee County War Memorial on the third floor and is open to the public to view.