GREENFIELD, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS)-- A Wisconsin veteran is cooking up a new passion in her kitchen. It involves something sweet, spicy, and tangy.

The kitchen is Amber Frymark's happy place. It's where she takes her mind off of things and creates

"This is my hairnet (hat). This makes me feel good and maybe this is what makes what I put in the kettle lucky too," Airforce Veteran, Amber Frymark said.

Inside her kettle on the stove is a little something called Zwitchel.

"It enhances your beverages with vitamins minerals and flavor," Frymark said.

But the story behind this sweet, spicy, and tangy drink enhancer makes it a little sweeter.

"Becoming a civilian again is like a battle in itself," Frymark said.

Amber is no stranger to fighting battles. She’s an air force veteran who served two tours; however, one of her hardest battles was coming home and finding her passion.

"Becoming a civilian again is like a battle in itself," Frymark said. She continued "you think that you leave a war zone when you come back from the desert. That's nothing compared to coming back to a life that you don't even know what it looks like,"

Luckily, she found a new mission to complete starting her own business, Chowventions. She’s created her first product, Zwitchel. It's a Wisconsin made product that uses local ingredients. She says it works in water, tea, cocktails, and much more.

For Amber, the pride she feels when she sees these bottles makes all her hard work worth it.


"To make this, to get up every day and go my God I think this is important and I think somebody is going to like it, is what kept me going," Frymark said.

Pushing her to new heights, experimenting with more flavors and products that all started as her new passion, right in her mom’s kitchen.

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle goes to support the troops.

For more information on Zwitchel and Chowventions click HERE.