WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS) – The dairy industry in Wisconsin continues to impact the economy, and the impact is currently higher than ever, according to research directed by the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  

The dairy industry generated $45.6 billion in 2017, according to the study, contributing to nearly half of Wisconsin’s industrial agricultural revenue. The industry also produced 157,100 jobs and contributed to 16.4% of the state’s total revenue.

The agriculture industry as a whole grew from $88.3 billion in revenue to $104.8 billion, creating 435,700 jobs.

In 2018, the state exported over $2.5 billion in agricultural products. Dairy products were the second largest exported product, contributing $451 million to the total export revenue.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and Extension's Center for Community Economic Development directs the research. Research is conducted and updated every five years.