ANTIGO, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS) - A group of volunteers from all around the country is pitching in to help clean up areas of Wisconsin following last week's devastating storms. 

The organization, known as "Team Rubicon," helps after all sorts of disasters. The group is comprised of mostly veterans and first responders, and they are all volunteering their life-skills to serve communities in need. From sawing and clearing out tree damage, to salvaging flooded homes, they do it all. Anywhere in the world, they come to provide these services for free, within a 24 hour notice. 

Team Rubicon was founded during the devastating earthquake in Haiti ten years ago. Since then, they have expanded to 100,000 members. The group follows the FEMA incident command system which records hours and tracks work data to share with the impacted communities. 

Team Rubicon is made up of people who are naturally drawn to serving others, like former Navy veteran Michael Pope. "The greatest part that I like about Team Rubicon is we go out and help somebody in a community that we don't know. Then we all come back here, share stories good and bad. And, it can be really emotional and we get a real friendship, a really close friendship. It's camaraderie that I miss being in the military," said Pope.

Veteran Deborah Trimble is an eight-year Air Force veteran and currently in med school at the University of Michigan. She is also volunteering for Team Rubicon during her semester break. 

"The opportunity to go out and help people as you have witnessed people are very grateful for any extra hands that can help them after a disaster like this. And, if I can do it, then why not," said Trimble.