JANESVILLE (SPECTRUM NEWS)—Ohio man plays at gold courses across the U.S. to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.

 A man golfing in Janesville Thursday had a lot of followers from coast to coast. He's not a celebrity or a professional golfer, but he’s a man on a mission.

It was a typical Thursday at Riverside Golf Course in Janesville, but one man on the course is anything but typical.

Pete Crozier has a goal of 50 golf courses, 50 states, in 50 days. The inspiration comes from Pete turning 50 years old this year.

"This year I decided to combine my three memories of my dad as a planner a traveler and a golfer," Fifty for Father Organizer, Pete Crozier said.

This is Pete’s ultimate golf trip. It’s called Fifty for Father. It’s all about raising awareness for type one diabetes in honor of his dad.

"My dad died of a stroke with complications from type two diabetes," Crozier said.

However, there is another big reason Pete says he is swinging for a cure is because of his son.

"Ten years later my son, Gavin was diagnosed with stage one when he was just four," Crozier said.

Pete’s stop in Wisconsin on Thursday marks day 32 on his trip and his 32nd course he has played on. At this rate, Pete is feeling some fatigue.

"It is a total grind I’m exhausted. I think I may be feeling a little of what my son feel," Crozier said.

Pete says he is taking it all in since he knows his son is dealing with diabetes and is fighting a similar battle.

"Maybe by the end of this I will be a better dad, because maybe you will feel a little bit more of what my son goes through every day," Crozier said.

Pete says this experience is a hole in one. He has also managed to gain a large following through social media. This following allows people to tag along on his journey over these 50 days.

"One of my favorite comments came from someone in New Mexico. They said I picked up your story in New Mexico and now I’m closer to my dad after following your story, we are spending more time together," Crozier said.

Pete believes this effort is both raising awareness and making and impact through the thousands of dollar of donations he has been able to collect. He says on average he is able to bring in around $1,000 a day.

"I'm a big believer that the world changes one person at a time, one action at a time it kind of feels like that. Everyone is just giving a little bit to make something happen," Crozier said.

However, Pete says the mission doesn't stop at day 50.Pete says he plans to keep this passion alive in memory of his father and for his son who continues to fight.

"I get to do something I love with people I love for people I love and make the world a better place. How lucky am I?” Crozier said.

Pete says his final stop will be in Massachusetts where his father first learned to play golf. For more information on Pete and hid Fifty for Father movement you can visit his social media pages HERE.