MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS) — "It’s a weird year to be women of the year 2020."

Cris Siqueira and Shelly McClone-Carriere had just been named 'Time Out’s Women of 2020,' an honor given to women making Milwaukee better, smarter, and more inclusive.

It’s a weird year to start a business with an initial plan that included providing a gathering place and cultural hub with graphic novels at the center.

“The graphic novels we’re talking about, we consider them high literature with some of the best artwork,” Siqueira says.

A love of community, books, plus 20 years of friendship is what makes up Lion’s Tooth.

“I had just turned 40, and I was re-evaluating what I was doing with my life and we are talking one day and it sounded really exciting to do something that we both have a passion for and doing it with one of your best friends is a pretty awesome life goal," says McClone-Carriere.​

"Something that we both have a passion for and doing it with one of your best friends is a pretty awesome life goal,” says McClone-Carriere. 

“We both have a do-it-yourself attitude about things. We value community, we value art and bringing people together,” says Siqueira

Siqueira and McClone-Carriere’s goal with their online book subscription business was to take Lions Tooth brick and mortar in 2020, but for now, they are offering Milwaukeeans recommendations, book specials and something new.

“We are not opening until the end of the world [the pandemic] is finally over," says Siqueira.

So, while it’s a weird year to open an independent book store. It’s never a weird time to learn something new while supporting someone local online.

“It’s helping someone hyper-local make a living to support the local economy and to learn in the process. Books are about expanding your mind,” says McClone-Carriere.

Multiple subscription options are available in both the Kids and Adults tracks, including graphic novels, non-fiction, and even music-related books curated by Milwaukee Record. Pre-shipping prices range from $60 for a three-month kids subscription to $300 for a 12-month adult subscription.

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