MADISON, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS)  -- A special new effort hopes to connect tech-savvy kids with the stem skills they can use during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond.  

Maydm’s Winnie Karanja usually holds summer camps, one-day-sessions or weekend workshops teaching teens how to code, but now the Forbes Magazine '30 under 30' recipient is now changing that up.  She is putting her lessons and tutorials online, free of charge to Dane County youth.

"So it’s really going to supplement the work the schools are doing and offer them [teens participating] a fun alternative,’ Winnie Karajna said.  

The Maydm founder goes onto say this was the right the thing to do for her community.

‘We want to make sure parents and families know that this is a resource out there," Karanja said.

Maydm has already loaned close to a dozen laptops to students, like Sun Prairie’s Lily Bautista. 

"I am interested in coding and media art, so I figured learning this would make for new opportunities in the future," Bautista said.

The non-profit hopes to expand the program to other parts of the state soon. 

You can learn more about how to enroll or learn more, here.