WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS)— The Society for Human Resource Management released a study showing the impact the coronavirus has made on US workers.

Communities across the US are adjusting to what their new normal might be. For a lot of communities its’ a loss of jobs and how to get them back. With unemployment numbers still on the rise, it’s no surprise to know workers across the US have lost money during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent study, the Society for Human Resource Management found that US workers have lost a total of $1.3 trillion since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

“That is roughly about $9,000 for each US worker. It is a significance number” Society for Human Resource Management CEO, Johnny Taylor said.

With their research showing a loss for a lot of Americans, it’s clear the burning question is, when will things get back to normal? However, according to Taylor, normal is a ways away.

“In our research it shows that 80 percent in large cities in 18 months from now they will not regain those jobs that they lost during the pandemic. That number rises to 90 percent in smaller cities and smaller metropolitan markets,” Taylor said.

So, it’s not a quick fix to the months of safer at home orders all throughout the US. 

It is also leaving somewhat of a lasting impact on employers and their employees. Taylor says there will be a big challenge to hurdle as we wade through these uncharted waters.

“There was a skills gap before and now many of the jobs quite frankly will not come back as they were constituted. Now we have to retool people so they can do that 21st century jobs. We knew that was coming but that was the number one issue is the skills gap and preparing people for those new jobs,” Taylor said.

While it seems like there is a long road to recovery ahead, it’s important to know that many Americans are in this together.

For more information on this study by the Society for Human Resource Management, click HERE.