MADISON, Wis. (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- Despite COVID-19, UW School of Medicine and Public Health found a way to make graduation a special occasion for its students.  

In his office, Dean Robert Golden zipped up his gown and donned his cap,  before heading to his standing computer desk to address the new physicians.  Thanks to a Webex hosted Facebook Live, he made for a timely tribute and virtual farewell during a difficult time. 

"It was the best part of my month I think because even from a distance, you could feel the excitement," Dean Golden said.  "Instead of being in my office, I felt like I was in the moment because I felt like all the students, the families, the faculty were in the moment as well,’  he added.

Dean Golden says he believes the new graduating doctors are ready to face the COVID-19 fight, thanks their UW education. 

"The group of graduates are entering a brave new world of medicine and public health with this once-in-a-century horrendous epidemic," Dean Golden said.  "I feel so reassured that they are so well trained."

To honor the new M-D's, Dean Golden says the digital ceremony added one special touch.

"We did something that we don’t ordinarily have the opportunity to do and that was to briefly summarize where the graduates would do their residencies at, at what location and what field,’ Dean Golden said.

So far, nearly 9,000 have watched the Commencement, you can too, by clicking on this link.