WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS) – The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) wants the Wisconsin Supreme Court to scale back the ability of governors to use partial line item vetoes to change the intent of lawmakers, reversing four decades of precedence.

“We're getting use to this, so it's no surprise, but frankly, folks, we have to move on,” said Gov. Evers. “We had an election, we had a budget, the budget was signed and deliberated by Republicans and Democrats, so I'm ready to move on. Apparently they're not, but the election did happen last November.”

Gov. Tony Evers made 78 partial vetoes to the most recent spending plan passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. WILL wants to overturn four of those vetoes, arguing the governor unlawfully used his constitutional powers to enact new policy never approved by the legislature.

Since 1935, there have been 25 constitutional amendments attempting to limit the governor’s veto power.

Both parties use partial vetoes. Former Gov. Scott Walker used 98 partial vetoes in his 2017 budget, and 104 vetoes in the budget preceding that. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson holds the record with 457 partial vetoes in 1991.