MILWAUKEE — Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo's post-NBA championship trip to Chick-fil-A has fans following in the MVP's footsteps.

Some of those fans include 9-year-olds James Cardona and Henry Meyers.

"We are here to eat like champs," they said.

Captured in a now-viral Instagram Live, Antetokounmpo ordered a 50-piece chicken mini and a large half-Sprite, half-lemonade.

"Yeah, I am probably not going to eat a 50-piece chicken nugget pack, but I will eat something," Cardona said.

The large half lemonade-half sprite which has since become a fan favorite; Milwaukee-area locations are now offering the "50-50" "official drink of champions."

"I work down the block, came for my half-lemonade, half-Sprite," said Guermain Selgado. 

As for Cardona and Meyers, they want to be just like their hero. Will this help you grow and be like Giannis?

"Yeah, one day, but my doctor said I'll be like 5 '10'," Cardona said.