APPLETON, Wis. —  John Jansen is there when machines built by C3 Corp. come to life.

“There” can begin the United States, Russia, Canada or Mexico.

A service technician, one of his duties is installing new machinery and systems. He’s one of 90 employees with the company specializing in designing and building equipment and systems for the mattress and foam industry.

“The customers are always surprised when they see how fast our machines can run and the quality behind it,” Jansen said. “They can see it on a video, but when they see it in person, they’re just blown away that a bed that takes them 16 minutes to build now takes them 30 seconds to a minute.”


Tiffany Suttner — C3’s human resources manager — said the company has been growing over the past several years. They have nine posted positions and are looking for about 15 people.

 “We’re looking for talented electrical and mechanical engineers, but in addition to that we could really use some help on our shop floor,” she said. “We’re looking for people who have mechanical aptitude in mechanical assembly or electrical assembly, like John Jansen.” 

Founded 26 years ago, the business has carved out its spot in a unique market.

“C3 is one of a handful of companies that build this type of equipment in the world, so we’re a small company with an international presence,” Suttner said. ”We see ourselves being leaders. We see ourselves working closely with our clients and pushing the limits of what our machines can do.” 

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Joe Van De Hey said the business is closely tied to what’s happening in homes around the world — including an uptick of mattresses sales in the past nine months.

“People are upgrading their homes, moving to a bigger house, whatever it might be, bedding follows that,” he. said. “It was a very nice niche for us.”

The company’s product line includes packaging equipment suited to meet the increased demand for online online bed sales.

“We can take those beds, squeeze them, fold them, roll them and then put them in a very small box,” Van De Hey said.  

As part of its growth, C3 acquired another building earlier this year where it will not only build mattresses, but information gleaned through production there will be applied as research and development to its line of products.

Ensuring more work for people like Jansen.

“It brings a sense of pride when you have a quality piece of equipment… you’re proud to install and the customers enjoy it,” he said.

You can find more information about careers at C3 here.