MADISON, WI (SPECTRUM NEWS) — SSM Health switched to all curbside pickup or delivery for prescription medication on Wednesday.

SSM pharmacies in Wisconsin now will not allow pickup at the counter or desk of its facilities during the Coronavirus outbreak.

“The whole point is to really apply social distancing in our practices and prevent the spread of the virus, and one of the ways to do it is to make sure we provide our services without the personal contact,” said Mo Kharbat, SSM Health vice president of pharmacy services.

The delivery is free to patients and would come the same-day as ordered or overnight.

“So ideally they don't have to even leave their homes to get their prescription, it comes to them,” Kharbat said.
Patients can also arrange for curbside pickup of the prescriptions from SSM Health pharmacies. They can either arrange it when leaving an appointment with a doctor or by calling the pharmacy and setting up a specific time.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak began pharmacies have been busier than usual. Several people are filling prescriptions at the same time, however Kharbat said SSM Pharmacies are not in jeopardy of running out of medication.

This new system cuts down on risk of exposure to the Coronavirus for patients and pharmacy employees.

“Staff overnight since we've made the change staff feel much more comfortable, are happier coming into work, and making sure that we get the patients these medications,” said Eric Huckins, a pharmacy manager with SSM Health.

The switch applies to all of SSM Health's pharmacies that remain open — in the Madison, Janesville, Fond du Lac and Monroe areas.

Below are the numbers and locations for SSM pharmacies.