MILWAUKEE (SPECTRUM NEWS)- Healthy teeth and gums can have a big impact on a person’s overall health. However, many people, especially kids, can have a difficult time accessing dental care. It is the reason one program is working to make a difference.

This week the Milwaukee Children’s Oral Health program, put on through Marquette University, is giving hundreds of students at Rocketship Southside Community Prep free dental cleanings and checkups. Around 75 percent of students in the school come from low income families, meaning it can often be difficult to afford adequate dental care. Rocketship Southside Prep’s principal Madeline Hawkins says that a simple cleaning can make a huge difference.

“For our families, to have not just free checkups but also sealants and some other basic services provided with no charge, it really game-changing for a lot of our families.” Says Hawkins

Students found to need more complex dental work are referred to the Marquette Dental School to schedule a future appointment where they can get care for free or at a reduced cost.