MADISON, Wis (SPECTRUM NEWS) -- A special partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison ​Jail Library Group, the Dane County Library Service and the Dane County Jail gives inmates a unique chance to share quality time with their kids through special audio book recordings.  

For more than 20 years now, the grant funded opportunity allows children’s books, letters and CD’s to be sent home to little ones.  

It's called 'Kids Connection' and the volunteer-led effort happens every Saturday.  So far, the group has supported thousands of inmates and their families. 

"You don’t know their story and you’re not gonna find out their story, all you can do is help this process be meaningful for them," said Michael Merline, Kids Connection Volunteer.

The program is looking for additional volunteers. You can learn more about how to help and to donate by clicking here or by reaching out to the Dane County Sheriff's Office.