WISCONSIN— The Wisconsin housing market is so busy that desperate buyers are now dropping contingencies and inspections to get their new home.

But Wisconsin home inspectors will tell you that may be a bad idea, and could end up costing you big bucks.

“The biggest issue I found was a $40,000 basement issue and also found some roofing issues,” said John Balian, owner of Amelia's Home Inspection, LLC. 

Throughout the state, Balian said he is seeing changing real estate market trends. For instance, within his own company, more and more buyers are asking for home insprections after they've already purchased their new house. Plus, he said turnaround times for home inspection contingencies are dropping from a typical 15 days down to a speedy five days. 

Balian also said he's seen an increased number of homes for sale by owner. 

Balian understands the frustrations buyers are dealing with, but said dealing with the frustration now will be worth it in the long-run for most.

"Buyers don’t want a home inspection because that is one more obstacle that they have to overcome. I get it there is frustrations for everyone involved in the process,” he said.