OHIO — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Friday that he has sent a letter to the Small Business Administration requesting it to issue a Rapid Disaster Declaration for Logan County residents and businesses who were affected by tornadoes in March

Damage assessments show 63 homes and/or businesses in the county have uninsured damages. DeWine said that's past the threshold necessary to request the Rapid Disaster Declaration. 

DeWine also said that the SBA requires governors wait 20 days after requesting a FEMA declaration to request a standalone declaration from the SBA. DeWine requested the FEMA Presidential Disaster Declaration for all 11 counties that were affected by the tornadoes in March already. 

"Twenty days have passed, and I have not received a decision on that request. Further, there is no indication that I will receive a decision soon. Therefore, I am requesting a Rapid Disaster Declaration from SBA," DeWine wrote in the letter. 

If the SBA approves the request, it would make low-interest loans available to those who qualify to help with the cost of repairing or replacing real estate or personal property that were damaged during the storms. It would also allow DeWine to activate the Ohio Emergency Management Agency's (EMA) State Individual Assistance Program. Funds from this program would be used to help qualifying homeowners and renters.