OHIO — In a Youngstown suburb, one teen is doing all he can to make the season merry and bright with his annual holiday lights display.

What You Need To Know

  •  Annual light display draws the community out to come see it

  •  Display is put on by a teenager who has been decorating his yard since he was 9

  • They have more than 170 figurines and countless lights

 “I love that one,” said Jacob Latessa as he pointed out decorations. “The crystal snowman is new.”

Latessa, 18, has been jazzing up his yard with holiday decorations every year since he was 9 and started decorating his neighbor’s yard two years ago.

 “When I was 9, I only had like three inflatables in the yard, and the way I decorated wasn’t too good,” said Latessa.

Now, Latessa has graduated to a much larger, grander display.

“I made this one myself actually,” he said as he propped up a wooden Star Wars figure.

These decorations take more than a month to put up. Latessa said he spends at least an hour every day troubleshooting lights and standing up fallen figurines once it’s complete.

 “I have over 170 inflatables and I don’t even know how many lights, too many," said Latessa.

It cost his family an extra $900 in electricity to make these lights sparkle all month long, but the community leaves donations for them to help cover the cost.

 “I don’t think we would be able to afford it if we didn’t have so many people helping us,” said Latessa.

People love to drive by and even down Latessa’s driveway to take in the full experience. At least three families stopped by to view the lights during the time Spectrum News was at the Latessa home.

“I think these lights are beautiful,” said Miley Menough. Her family brought her to see the lights for her birthday. “I think it’s a really good attraction for people to come to with their children.”

Tanner Ciuba, 8, agrees the lights are spectacular.

“I like how they light up and I like how they look,” said Ciuba.

Brothers Jackson and Jamieson Rausch also enjoyed the lights as they passed through.

 “They’re really cool,” they said together in unison.

“It’s extraordinary. Over the top. It definitely would have taken a long time to make. Very impressive,” said Jackson.

Latessa said he keeps putting up the lights every year because it makes him happy to see all his hard work bring others joy.

 “I hear stories where the kids cry if they don’t come past every day, like if their parents don’t take them by,” said Latessa. “Some people are depressed during the holiday season and feeling lonely and they feel better when they come here. I think that’s why I keep doing it.”