PERRYSBURG, Ohio — A Perrysburg artist is encouraging others to look down in order to look up.

Abigail Bruce said chalk art has helped her learn a lot about herself.

Bruce found her passion for chalk during the pandemic.

“When all of us couldn’t go outside and really do anything to celebrate with each other anymore, I decided to create chalk murals to other people who were having difficult times,” she said.

She did the art for free and said it was a hit.

“You just get messy, have fun, it feels good, and then you feel so accomplished at the end,” she said. “It’s just like you feel proud of yourself, and that’s what I get from it. It’s just like this sense of pride, getting messy, feeling like a kid again.”

Abigail Bruce draws Sonic the Hedgehog with sidewalk chalk. (Spectrum News 1/Brandon Coello Amaya)

Bruce said her favorite part of being an artist is making people smile.

“It’s really cool seeing people walk by, especially the kids,” she said. “Seeing the chalk and their smiles makes it all worth it: the mess, the sunburns, everything.”

When she completes a mural, Bruce recommends spraying it with hairspray. It will help the chalk last longer as it weathers the elements.