CLEVELAND — The National Youth Sports Program at Case Western Reserve University is a five-week summer program for kids where they play sports and further their education. 

What You Need To Know

  • National Youth Sports Program is at Case Western Reserve University

  • It runs for five weeks, and kids learn sports and further their education

  • The program also helps kids become better people 

The head of this program is Dennis Harris, and he knows the impact that this program has on kids.

“We use Case as an oasis, as a safe place, so kids can come and play and enjoy,” he said. 

Harris emphasized the sports aspect is fun, but what really helps the kids is the education portion of the program. Since it’s at Case Western, kids can be inspired to go to college and continue furthering their education.

"When a child can walk into a classroom where doctors are being taught, where engineers are being taught, that’s what this is about,” he said. 

Dennis Harris believes the overarching goal of this program is to show kids how to love and respect one another.

“If we can just teach our kids how to respect people, how to love people, then we could make a difference in the world,” he said.