LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Seizures, separation anxiety, and digestive problems. Those are some of the conditions that Richard Smith recommends his clientele to treat with CBD oil and hemp. He's the owner of Pet Wants in Jeffersontown.

"Another one was dogs that couldn't walk anymore because of arthritis or joints. They came in and four or five days later of taking the CBD oil, the dogs would start going on walks with their owners again. Or, the cats would be playing and just being more active again," Smith said.

The pet store owner admits he was skeptical at first but says that the proof he sees is hard to second guess.

CBD products for pets have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, the FDA recently hosted a public comment period for CBD regulations. The administration received more than one hundred letters from pet owners who praised the oil's payoffs.

Smith remains passionate about the science behind the products.

"We want to make sure with the product that there's third party testing we want to make sure the product there's no pesticides, no GMO's, and it's safe. Each of them we can actually pull a report on if a customer asks for that. All of those sorts of things are important in the extraction process," Smith said. 

Mary Dowell says that CBD oil is changing the game for her pet service business. She keeps up to ten dogs a day and says a calm dog just makes life a lot less stressful.

"I would just add a couple drops to their food once or twice a day depending on the severity. I always get the permission of the owners prior to trying anything like that but it really does help everybody, smooth transition from my home to their home," Dowell said. 

She knows power of the product but also understands the misconceptions that owners sometimes might have.

"They automatically think that's marijuana and get a little tentative about it. I’m like they don't have to pass any drug test so the dogs are a perfect example of showing that it is just a plant and it's a healing plant," Dowell said. 

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient in cannabis, derived from the hemp plant. It doesn’t contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Smith says the product continues to sell, proving some flavors will always be popular with man's best friend.

"My dogs love it, so if I go get it, you know the bottle of it with the dropper, and they just see it they come running. And, they open their mouths and just put it on their mouths and it does help that it's bacon flavored, so they really love it," Smith said. 

Veterinarians we talked with don't endorse CBD oil or hemp, since it hasn't met FDA standards. Instead, they suggest talking with your pet's medical professional before using it on your cat or dog.