DUBLIN, Ohio — Recent statistics show the U.S. will see more than 2 million new cancer cases this year, but thanks to medical breakthroughs more people are surviving the disease than ever before.

What You Need To Know

  • Jay Holdgreve has been cancer-free since 2010

  • He decided to start a fund to support testicular cancer research at The James Cancer Hospital

  • You can help donate toward the cause at www.tcare.org

Jay Holdgreve is living proof of that.

Holdgreve was on a whitewater rafting trip in 2010 when he was hit with severe pain. He thought it was a back problem, but doctors said it was testicular cancer.

"Before that, the only people I knew who had cancer, you know, passed away pretty quickly from it,” he said.

As a long-time athletic trainer, he had always worked to help others. Now he realized he had to take care of himself. He went through surgery and a lot of bloodwork. 

"I had an orchiectomy, which is a removal of the testicle,” Holdgreve said. “I had to do a CT scan and do bloodwork every three months, and I did that for five years."

After becoming cancer-free, he took it upon himself to help others by starting T-Care. 

"We were like 'Hey, we'd like to donate money to a testicular cancer research fund at The James Cancer Hospital,'” he said. “And my doctor, he called me, and he's like 'We have nothing for testicular cancer research.' After talking, I'm like 'I want to start an endowment.' The parameters were I had to raise $50,000 in five years. They're like, 'Most people fail. Most people don't do it.'"

Holdgreve did it anyway, raising a ton of funds in no time.

"I raised 50,000 in two and a half years, and now we're up to $180,000 in the fund," he said.

All proceeds go toward testicular cancer research at The James Cancer Hospital. 

And, while paying it forward, Holdgreve says if he can make a difference, anyone can.

"Everybody can make a difference when it comes to donating or starting, you know, a fund or whatever," he said. "You don't have to be rich. You don't have to be a millionaire. You don't have to be people, a celebrity, that every dollar counts, and every dollar will make a difference."

To donate toward Holdgreve's testicular cancer research fund, go here.