CINCINNATI — The Xavier Musketeers are a 3-seed in the Midwest region in this year's NCAA tournament.

It’s the first time they’ve made the tournament in five years, and many believe they’re poised to make a long run.

What You Need To Know

  • Xavier University Basketball team recently earned the number 3 seed in NCAA tournament

  • It's been five years since the team was the NCAA tournament

  • Fans are optimistic that they'll bring home a win this year

  • Xavier will play their first NCAA game on Friday in North Carolina

Adam Fowler is a board of directors for the Xtreme Fans group on campus. You can find him at nearly every game rooting on the team.

“Xtreme Fans drives the passion for sports on campus,” said Fowler.

Fowler has been a fan for as long as he can remember. And that was even before they became what he calls a good team.

“Definitely have experienced a little dry spell for Xavier basketball,” he said. “We weren’t amazing for the past three years, but Xtreme Fans is definitely excited about this year.”

“We’re just competing against the best teams in the country and we’re winning these games, we’re playing closely with the best teams in the nation, and showing that we are deserving to be a part of the top 25,” he said.

While they’re thankful for the high seed. Some fans were hoping for a game closer to home. Instead of potentially getting to come to Columbus, the Musketeers are headed to Greensboro, North Carolina. And Fowler hasn’t decided yet if he’s going to make the trip.

“It’s in North Carolina, so obviously that means a hotel, car ride or whatever,” he said. “It’s not an organized event, but some of the Xtreme Fans are deciding whether or not travel all the way there and watch the team. So it’s definitely a possibility.”

But whether in person or watching it on TV, Fowler said he’ll be cheering on his favorite team. And he’s hopeful for a run that stretches deep into march. 

“If we can play the best basketball this team is capable of playing, I think we definitely can win a national championship,” he said.