CINCINNATI — A team of artists is working to create the biggest mural in Ohio.

What You Need To Know

  • Tristan Eaton and his team have already started work creating a mural the size of a football field 

  • The mural will feature several Cincinnati music legends 

  • The team of artists will be working on finishing it up during 'BLINK' Cincinnati, the nation's largest art and lights event. 

Tristan Eaton knows how to turn spray paint into art. He’s been doing it for almost three decades. 

“I’ve done about 100 murals around the world and some of them been pretty big, so I'm not scared to go big,” said Eaton.

But he didn’t know was a building the size of a football field would be his canvas.

“I did not plan to be painting giant murals as my career, but I kind of just fell into it. and to be honest with you, 20 years ago, no one was letting us paint this big," said Eaton.

He and his team of four artists are creating a mega mural in the middle of downtown Cincinnati.

“I was really attracted to the history of music here in Cincinnati,” Eaton said. “I grew up on a lot of blues and honkytonk, and that was like my dad’s jam,” said Eaton, “So it got me really excited to learn about King Records and, you know, Mamie Smith and all this stuff that James Brown recorded here. So that was like, obviously, what I wanted to do and focus on,” said Eaton.

The city gave the OK for his vision to come to life after the giant concrete wall along 5th Street was uncovered during a demolition. 

The city came up with the big plan, not just to make it a mural, but to feature the transformation process during ‘BLINK’ Cincinnati. It’s the nation’s largest light and art event 

“There’s a million other amazing artists here, so it’s an honor to be part of it,” said Eaton. 

He says they’ll be working on it throughout the BLINK event goes from Oct. 13-16. He said it’ll take at least a week of more work after that to finish the massive mural. 

“I hope the city of Cincinnati loves what I’m going to paint. We’re trying to make them proud, so fingers crossed,” said Eaton.