COLUMBUS, Ohio — It's the Columbus Music Commission's mission to ensure central Ohio students have access to musical instruments.

The commission's effort to ensure students have instruments continues this weekend with the third annual Gift of Music drive on Saturday and Sunday.

Officials want community members to donate new or gently used musical instruments and equipment to help meet the growing need that has increased due in part to COVID-19.

“Gift of Music, now in its third year, is one of the Music Commission’s most vital initiatives,” said executive director Bruce Garfield. “Learning how to play a musical instrument is a key catalyst to the development of self-esteem, socialization skills, good citizenship, discipline and the mental health of our kids. Given school budget cuts and the financial hardships many families have faced due to COVID-19, access to musical instruments and music education can be a challenge, and we’re committed to ensure we meet the needs of the youth in our community.”

Instruments and equipment of all types will be accepted — brass, strings, amplifiers, electric keyboards, guitars, drums and accessories.

In partnership with the Columbus City Schools, donated instruments will be provided to students as a way to ensure access to music education and development, said Audrey Adair, a spokeswoman for the organization.

The Gift of Music campaign has donated more than 1,100 musical instruments valued at $125,000 to Columbus City Schools' students since 2019, Adair said.

She said those who don't have a musical instrument can make monetary donations by visiting the Gift of Music GoFundMe page

Musical instrument donations can be made by visiting one of 10 curbside drop-off locations throughout central Ohio, she said.

Specific dates, times and the address for each location can be found on the Gift of Music website at

The Columbus Music Commission was founded in 2017 by Donatos’ CEO, Tom Krouse and a group of musicians, songwriters, music business professionals, educators, business and civic leaders. 

For more information about the organization, visit