AKRON, Ohio — Exemptions, deductions, and taxes — all words that sound normal to Renea Woods-Baylor. For the past 21 years, she's owned her own accounting firm.

What You Need To Know

  • Renea Woods-Baylor has owned an accounting firm for 21 years

  • While she has loved helping people with their taxes the last couple decades she wanted to do something that she knew would bring her peace

  • She turned her love for tea parties into a business

Her passion for helping people through taxes came from her mother.

"I learned a lot from my mom," said Renea Woods-Baylor.

Accounting isn't the only passion she got from her mother.

“If you walked in today to my sister’s home and mine right now today, without notice," said Woods-Baylor. "All our tables are still set.”

A few years ago, Renea, lost her husband to cancer.

"It was pretty devastating," said Woods-Baylor.

As much as she loved helping people as an accountant, she decided to step out on faith and put that other thing she learned from her mom to the test.

“I needed to find something that really gave me peace,” said Woods-Baylor.

Table settings, etiquette, and hosting — also words that sound pretty normal to Woods-Baylor. So much, in fact, that she's earned a nickname.

“I love everything about being The Tea Lady,” said Woods-Baylor.

She knew almost immediately what brought her that peace she was looking for.

"Tea did," said Woods-Baylor.

The Tea Lady Inc. is now open for business. Ready to host, design, or decorate any event for you. You can come to her tea room, or she can come to you.

Tea parties have gone on for centuries and proper etiquette might have been lost on some over the years, but not on The Tea Lady.

“Now a lot of people want to do this,” said Woods-Baylor as she lifted her pinky finger as she sipped from her teacup. “It's really inappropriate to do. If the Queen of England seen you do that she would just gasp for her pearls – oh my God, no you did not do that,” she joked.

She can teach all about table settings and etiquette while she makes the best cup of tea.