DAYTON, Ohio — Brian Hoeflich is picking up food for his first delivery of the day. He’s a driver for Dayton’s very own new food delivery service, 937 Delivers. 

“I like the freedom of it and the fact that I'm working on my own and basically self-managing myself when I'm on the shift,” said Hoeflich.

What You Need To Know

  • 937 Delivers is a new food delivery service in Dayton

  • It was started by the restaurants in the Dayton-area

  • Unlike DoorDash and Uber Eats, it has no extra third-party fees

  • 937 Delivers is in the pilot stage, but it will officially start taking orders on November 27

With food in hand, Hoeflich is on his way to drop it off to the customer. 937 Delivers takes pride in not only its customer service, but also making sure it keeps its drivers and customers safe from COVID-19 through contactless delivery. 

“From the time I pick up an order to the time I drop it off, I'm adhering to every COVID restriction that there is, as well as, you know wearing a mask keeping myself distant or going out of a restaurant, and then when I deliver I just delivered it to the door,” he said.

Unlike national food delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats, 937 doesn’t hit restaurants with extra fees. There's a $5 delivery fee for customers and a $2 fee for partnering businesses. 

“Everyone's wallet is tight these days from the businesses to the customers. It's better to have a more affordable system,” he said.

Pizza Bandit is just one of 12 Dayton restaurants who have partnered with 937 Delivers. 

Marketing and Development Contractor Brian Johnson says it was important for this co-op because it truly helps the local economy. 

“It's critical that as much of the money spent on services and food like this stay in the community, where it's offered,” said Johnson. “So, it was really important to us that we not be shipping off 30 percent to California and rather keeping that 30 percent here to help all of our local businesses get through this.”

937 Delivers is currently in the pilot stages, but will begin official orders on November 27.