CLEVELAND, Ohio - Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden swung into Ohio in the final hours before Election Day, hosting a rally at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport that brought out hundreds of supporters.

President Donald Trump’s supporters were also in attendance.

Biden and Trump have run neck-in-neck in polls in the state.

In Monday’s poll, Research Co. is calling Ohio too close to call, with the candidates tied at 49% each.

So far in Monday’s national polls, Biden is leading the nation.

On this final tour, dubbed “Battle for the Soul of the Nation,” and with control of the presidency and the Senate at stake, Biden’s message has centered on uniting the nation.

In Cleveland, he spoke directly to supporters, saying the election is an opportunity to end Trump’s presidency, which has divided the nation.

“Tomorrow we can put an end to a president that has failed to protect this nation,” Biden said. “And tomorrow we put an end to a president who has fanned the flames of hate all across this country."

He also laid out his plan for America, which includes taxing companies that ship jobs overseas, and giving a tax credit to those that bring jobs back.

Biden also criticized the president’s comments indicating he might fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Biden said he will re-hire the infectious disease expert when he is elected.

On Election Day, Democrats are favored in polls to retain control of the House, and possibly expand their 35-seat margin.

With 18 electoral votes, the Buckeye state is considered crucial for a presidential win. The next United States president must garner 270 out of a possible 538 electoral votes to win the election.

Ohio has gone to the winning candidate in every election since 1964.

So far, in a record-breaking turnout, during an election season unprecedented in its division, about 95 million Americans have cast ballots, according to the U.S. Elections Project.

In a final push, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC began airing three ads daily, statewide and on cable, encouraging Ohioans to vote for Biden and Harris.

Biden’s last visit to Cleveland was after the first presidential debate as part of a train tour that started in Cleveland. Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, visited Cleveland Oct. 24. Trump spoke in Circleville the same day.

Following Monday’s Cleveland rally, Biden is expected to return to Pennsylvania, which both camps are fighting to win. With 20 electoral votes, Pennsylvania, Biden’s home state, went red in 2016, with Trump winning by a narrow margin.