SANDUSKY, Ohio — For the past three months, many Ohioans have walked through the turnstyles at Cedar Point to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives.

But despite a summer filled with nice weather, it wasn’t until this weekend that the park actually filled up.

What You Need To Know

  • Cedar Point hit capacity for the first time this season

  • They are only allowing about 55,000 people in the park at once to allow for social distancing

  • The park is not hosting their "HalloWeekends" this year. Instead, they have the "Tricks and Treats" Fall Festival

Cedar Point hit capacity on Saturday for the first time since opening in the middle of July.

Eric Schilling and his wife have been coming to the park for more than 60 years.

“It’s just a great place, the atmosphere is nice, you know, it’s just great place to escape from everything else and walk around and see the scenery and the people” said Schilling.  

About 50 percent of the total capacity is allowed in the parks right now, which officials say is about 55,000 guests.

Cathy Flaherty says she appreciates the new limits Cedar Point has put into place to keep people safe.

“I like the way it is not real crowded, that’s the best part is having to make the reservations so you don’t have to fight a crowd,” said Flaherty.

Another COVID-related change is that there is no "HalloWeekends" this year. Instead, the park is hosting a “Tricks and Treats” Fall Festival, which features Halloween-themed fall activities without the haunted houses.

Rachael Hark says even though it’s not the same as in years past, the fall festival is a good alternative.

“It’s good to get something back as normal, it our first step in going back to normality so it feels good to get back to something like this," she said.

Reservations for the park are still available through the end of the season which ends on Nov. 1.