CLEVELAND — Lynn Tramonte is fed up and frustrated because she said what she saw during the presidential debate was not enough.

What You Need To Know

  • Immigration issues were overshadowed by coronavirus and economy issues during debate

  • Ohio Immigrant Alliance wants candidates to take action and debate immigration reform

  • Advocates have been protesting to bring awareness to the immigration issues in jails

“This is not right,” said Tramonte. "I just feel like I was getting yelled at for 15 minutes.”

She said they left out something she’s been fighting for.

“I wanted to hear more about immigration, they didn’t talk about that,” said Tramonte.

She’s an advocate and director of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance. She’s been helping Ohio families who came from other countries and are struggling to stay here.

“It’s considered civil detention. Like, if you don’t pay your taxes on time, that’s a civil violation, but we don’t get put in jail, immigrants do," said Tramonte.

In fact, she’s been protesting immigration issues in the jails and going straight to local government officials about the issue. Now, she said it’s time for the presidential candidates to make a change.

“We need to stop detaining people who are following their immigration case, it’s a huge waste of taxpayer resources and it’s completely inhumane, and another thing we need to do is allow people who were deported to come back and be with their families,” said Tramonte.

She’s hoping to hear about immigration in the next presidential debate or sooner at the vice presidential debate. Until then, she said her fight for immigrant families isn’t over yet.