BEACHWOOD, Ohio — For 17 years, Nadine Glatley has run her in-home senior care business through word of mouth.

What You Need To Know

  • Rent a Daughter has been in business for 17 years

  • Two years ago, it moved into an office space in Beachwood

  • The owner, Nadine Glatley, oversees 65 caregivers who work with up to 60 clients

It’s called Rent a Daughter. The inspiration for the name came from conversations with her first client.

“'I could totally use you as renting a daughter for life for the things my daughters don’t do,’ and I just thought that was really special and that’s what I strive to be,” said Glatley.

Two years ago, she moved into an office space in Beachwood.

Glatley oversees 65 caregivers who work with as many as 60 clients.

She said the people they provide care for become family.

Glatley said Rent a Daughter cares for some patients as many as six nights a week.

“I just love what I do. I feel like I was made to be a caregiver ever since I was in high school,” said Glatley.

Glatley said COVID-19 has changed things.

“We did have a lot of people in assisted living and in nursing homes, so we weren't able to get in and see them. You know, basically our dialysis patients we were able to drive them if they were in an assisted living. So, we did lose a lot of people with the pandemic," said Glatley.

Rent a Daughter is something this mother shares with her own daughters: 20-year-old Amanda and 16-year-old Julia.

“It makes me feel so great to be able to leave this behind for them,” said Glatley.

For each in-home visit, Glatley masks up and gloves up.

Her client, 83-year-old Robert Jackson and his wife, Donna, have been married 62 years.

“I love helping my husband, but I can’t do it all by myself,” said Donna Jackson.

For about 10 years, Jackson’s battled Parkinson’s disease.

“Today’s not a pain day," said Glatley.

"No," said Robert Jackson.

"That’s awesome,” she replied.

He struggles with basic needs and that’s where Glatley comes in.

“Nadine does a lot for me,” said Robert Jackson.

“Just try to do whatever we can as if he was my own dad,” said Glatley.

During the last three years, the pair has grown close.

“We go out to lunch when we’re able to and we talk about business,” said Robert Jackson.

He said he wants to help her grow the business.

Thanks to all of the support, Glatley said Rent a Daughter has expanded to Florida to care for snow birds.

For this caregiver, the work is rewarding. Glatley believes in giving back through compassion and building life-long relationships.

“When you hear someone say, ‘I just loved spending every minute with you,’ or ‘You made my day,’ or, you know, ‘I really love you. You’re like a daughter. Thank you, thank you for bringing me this meal,’ or ‘Thank you for going out of your way.’ You can’t buy those acts of kindness,” said Glatley.