CLEVELAND, Ohio — The COVID-19 pandemic has hit a lot of people hard, which also is impacting their pets. During the pandemic, pet owners have looked to local groups to help with some expenses, including food for their furry friends.

What You Need To Know

  • FCCAS was created to help the Cuyahoga County animal shelter with various programs

  • The Pet Pantry started April, and to date, has received almost $30,000 in donations from concerned citizens

  • The pantry has delivered 16,000 pounds and 9,500 cans of dog and cat food for hundreds of families across Cuyahoga County

Friends of the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter saw a need in the community at the start of the pandemic and quickly assembled an idea. They started the pet food pantry in April and have since collected donations of almost $30,000 in support.

"It is so painful to think of a pet not being able to eat," said Jen Huettich, the volunteer coordinator for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

Unfortunately, that is the reality a lot of pet owners were facing.

"That's a really humbling thing to have to do," said Mindy Naticchioni, the Animal Shelter administrator. "To say I'm in this position and I need help."

You can call or email the pantry for help, and the food will be delivered right to your door. They have cat and dog food and do their best to accommodate all requests including specific dietary needs.

The ultimate goal of FCCAS is to keep pets with their families. Whether they need help with wellness, transportation or, in this case, food, they're here for the community.