CINCINNATI, Ohio — Helping young people has always been a passion of pharmacist and Cleveland native Rachel Angel. 

“Something that I kind of found was that the young people really hadn’t been exposed to like all the opportunities that were available to them, especially after they graduated high school.”

What You Need To Know

  • In 2015, Rachel Angel created the Peerro app, an application aimed towards helping the youth find gainful employment

  • The app also provides training and helps employers recruit employees

  • Employers who use the app say they are pleased with its features and the qualified candidates who apply for the job listings

It was through her work with children that she realized she wanted to do more.

“What I wanted to do is create this efficient way to address any of the challenges or issues they were dealing with at that moment,” said Angel. “But also kind of guide them to a place that would bring them out of any type of situation or challenge that they may have had so that it wouldn’t be a generational thing.”

And that’s what inspired her in 2015 to make a career switch and create the app Peerro. Peerro stands for peer and hero. 

“That’s kind of where Peerro came from- this idea of kind of providing opportunities right now, while guiding you to livable wage opportunities,” said Angel.

Peerro is a career pathway management system that facilitates training, recruitment, and employment.

“Once I started using it, I would never use anything else,” said Frank Hailstock, owner of OTR Escape.

Peerro helped Hailstock 's business grow. He has already hired three employees through the app.

“I can add prerequisites to my listings so I can have people before they even come in and do the interview. I can have them watch training videos. I can have them take a test,” said Hailstock.

He says it really helps him hire the most qualified candidates. 

“With this you know that the candidate is actually serious and really wants to work for you to go through all these prerequisites before they actually even get an interview,” he said.

Peerro is used in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati helping young adults get on the path to success. 

“Anyone can use our platform but we’re really really just trying to get young people on a path — a continuous path to upward growth,” said Angel.

You can download Peerro on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.