NEW ALBANY, Ohio — Intel is reshaping almost every facet of our lives — from housing to transportation to public safety. 

The project is being built in the same city as the New Albany Police Department, creating 3,000 more jobs in manufacturing, 7,000 more in construction, and about 10,000 indirect jobs.

What You Need To Know

  • The Intel project is being built in the same city as the New Albany Police Department
  • Intel will cause an influx of population, which could put pressure on surrounding agencies

  • The New Albany Police Department says it’s adding more resources to help serve a growing population

More jobs in the area mean more people and more runs for police officers.

“With Intel coming, we don’t anticipate a large spike in runs. We anticipate it’ll gradually increase as it has in the last decade or so,” said New Albany Police Chief Greg Jones.

Chief Jones explained major developments, like Intel, are nothing new to the department.

“There are companies like Amazon and Facebook, and AEP has a facility here,” he said. “So, Intel coming is great news, and it adds to our business development.”

Jones said the department has already been preparing for Intel.

“Our preparations and our planning have been going on for some time,” he said. “That includes adding additional staff, not only just police officers, but dispatchers and administrative personnel.”

It’s a big undertaking for one department. That’s why Jones says communication with surrounding agencies will be key.

“One of the great things about central Ohio is, is that law enforcement works very well together,” he said. “All the jurisdictions in Licking and Franklin County have a mutual aid agreement to assist other agencies when they need it.”

Intel anticipates the plants won’t be operational for another three or four years. But until then, agencies, like New Albany Police, will continue preparing for what’s coming.

Chief Jones says some of the other additions they’re looking at include adding more cruisers and equipment.