LICKING COUNTY, Ohio — Intel is reshaping hospitals and causing many to expand, including Licking Memorial Health Systems.

Intel is bringing more people to the state. The population in Licking County is projected to grow by about 30%.

What You Need To Know

  • Intel is expected to increase the population in Licking County by about 30%

  • To meet the growing population, Licking Memorial added a school-based clinic in Pataskala

  • Licking Memorial has plans for other additions as part of its expansion project

To meet the growing population, Licking Memorial added a school-based clinic in Pataskala. It’s located inside Licking Heights High School, making it Licking Memorial’s first clinic that operates inside a school.

Kristine Plotts is one of its nurses.

"This clinic is unique in that we are attached to a school. We take care of the students, the staff, the families, as well as community members," Plotts said. "By allowing us to take care of them (the students) here, they don't have to miss very much class time. More seat time improves their success rate."

Licking Memorial CEO and President Rob Montagnese said the clinic is one of the many additions to its health systems.

“With Intel, we have to make sure we ramp up the availability of our community—Southwest Licking County, Northwest Licking County.” Montagnese said. “We have a location at Pataskala right now, and we continue to add various services and hours to that location. Right now, we have a physician in Johnstown, but we’ve acquired right now 20-plus acres. We are currently in the process of planning what services would go up there.” 

Meanwhile, back at the clinic, Plotts is happy to help. 

“I’m super excited,” she said. “So very excited to help the students be healthy as possible, to help them succeed as they go through school here, as well as into the beyond.”

Montagnese said Licking Memorial is still in the planning stages for some of the other additions.