OHIO — A study by Bankrate shows that one in six retirees is considering returning to work, and experts believe it will help ease the workforce shortage.

What You Need To Know

  •  A recent national study found that 1 in 6 retirees are considering returning to work

  •  Inflation and missing the work environment were just some of the reasons 

  • Economic experts believe this will help with the labor shortage 

A report done by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis showed that more than 2.4 million more people than expected retired during the pandemic. The labor force took a hit.

The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that job openings outnumbered unemployed people in January. With retirees going back to work, experts believe it might help the workforce in a major way.

“The thing they have going for them is they’ve got a whole life’s experience of working and communicating with people,” said Erwin Erhardt, a University of Cincinnati economics professor. “And this is one thing that’s been huge for a lot of employers is realizing these people know how to work. These more senior workers are good with people.”

Health care, customer service, and real estate are some of the industries with the highest workforce shortages.