OHIO — The University of Cincinnati is kicking off Women’s History month with a an event highlighting the importance of sisterhood and recognizing the works of Black women. 

What You Need To Know

  • On Friday, UC Women's Center hosted it's 8th annual Black Feminist Symposium 

  • This year's theme was revolutionary sisterhood, highlighting the importance of a support system of women 

  • More than 300 students attended this year's event 

On Friday, the Women’s Center at the school hosted its annual Black Feminist Symposium. This year’s theme focused on revolutionary sisterhood, highlighting the importance of women having a support system consisting of other women. 

Organizers of the event hope students of color feel more empowered and comfortable in their own skin. 

“We are diverse, we are CEOs, that we are students, but also we’re mothers,” said Charmaine Kitsinis, assistant director of University of Cincinnati’s Women’s Center. “Also, we’re people who don’t have children, that we are non-binary, that we are transgender, that Black women run the gamut, and that we can all like respect and love each other’s diversity.”

Many student-led groups were represented at the event, including the African American Cultural and Resource Center and the Black Feminist Collective. This is Women’s Center eighth year hosting this event.