CLEVELAND — A LeBron James Museum opened in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, on Saturday, showcasing items dating back to the basketball player’s childhood.

What You Need To Know

  • LeBron James museum opens in Akron, Ohio

  • Items were carefully selected from the St. Vincent-St. Mary arena 

  • LeBron's mom helped curate parts of the museum

Michelle Campbell is the executive director of the LeBron James Family foundation.

She said House 330 was purchased by the foundation in 2020, and now she’s excited that the museum will be opening.

“Everything about LeBron James Home Court is about the experience,” she said.

The items were carefully selected from the Saint Vincent-Saint Mary arena, featuring everything from a rim and backboard LeBron played on in high school to a replica of the apartment where he grew up.

“His mom actually, Ms. Gloria James, she curated the Spring Hill apartment,” Campbell said. “We worked very closely with her.”

It’s something LeBron himself wanted to include, with the goal of giving people the ultimate experience.

“And then when it all came together, it was emotional when she walked in there,” Campbell said. “She sat at the table and just could remember playing cards and hanging out and just having those moments."

Also in the museum is sports memorabilia, including the white suit LeBron wore when he was drafted to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, to moments from each of the NBA teams he led to a title.

But Campbell said the fans are also represented. 

“And this area is a tribute to his fans, and he has saved and responded to every letter that he's ever received,” she said.

Campbell said LeBron wants this museum to represent his legacy, both on and off the court.

“Having this museum here is part of that whole legacy and that journey of making a better life and using his platform to do more and better for others,” she said.