Warren, OHIO — Are electric cars really cheaper? Are they actually better for the environment? What about in a state where the power grid runs off coal and natural gas? 

What You Need To Know

  • Electric vehicles are cheaper to drive over the long term, according to an expert

  • EVs have lower emissions than traditional gas and diesel engines, even in states where the power grid runs off coal and natural gas

  • Some owners pay as little as $30 per month to power their electric vehicle

Bob Jadloski loves his Tesla. One of the first things he showed off was how to make the car dance. “It does it automatically. The battery port opens, the windows go up and down and the mirrors go in and out,” said Jadloski as he pointed out specific features on the car.

Jadloski has been driving a Tesla for two years, and said he can’t keep track of all the money he has saved since switching to electric. He charges his Tesla at home at the slowest rate to keep his electric bill down.

“The only time I charge it to 330-something miles is when I’m going on a long trip,” said Jadlocki. “I’ve only charged it at two other places other than home.”

Jadloski sat down with Spectrum News and looked at his electric bills to see how much he spends a month on electricity to power his Tesla.

“That’s what my bill was before I bought it. See that? $49 before I bought it. In August the bill was $79.95,” he said.

Jadloski said based on his bills, he estimates it costs around $30 a month to charge his car.

The Department of Energy estimated it costs about $60 per month to charge an electric vehicle, which means Jadloski is well below the national average. 

Case Western Reserve Professor of Sustainable Energy Chris Yuan agreed that driving electric cars is cheaper, especially in the long run.

“To drive it for a longer time, the cost would be lower than a conventional vehicle,” said Yaun. “Even in states with power grids largely runs off coal and natural gas.”

“Many run the grid with coal to generate electricity,” said Yuan. “So the emissions from the grid are still significant. Even considering that factor, EVs are still cleaner.”

Cleaner and cheaper over the long run, that’s good news for Jadloski.

“The best car I’ve ever had. I’m not a car person. I’m a vanner. I like vans, but this is fantastic,” said Jadloski