OHIO — This past Wednesday, India became the first country to land on the lunar south pole of the moon. Anshul Suri, a PhD aerospace and mechanical engineer student at Ohio State, said he is proud that India achieved this.

What You Need To Know

  • India became first to land on lunar south pole of moon

  • It is inspiring people to embrace their Indian heritage

  • Many people are excited about India's future in space exploration

“India is no more following the footsteps of others and this mission sends a message, not just to the whole world, but most importantly to the whole of India, that India’s ready to lead from the front,” he said.

He explained that he hopes other people celebrate the wins that India is making in space exploration.

“Hopefully this mission will not only inspire many youths in India, but all around the world and the discoveries this mission will make will help expand the knowledge of humankind,” he said.

Rutuja Magar has been helping inspire youth to embrace their Indian culture. She is a volunteer dance teacher at Adrija Dance Academy and expressed her gratitude for her job.

“To be able to share the culture and the art form of India and to be able to teach them means a lot to me,” she said.

Currently she has been teaching the students a dance related to space.

“It is just a coincidence that our students are doing alien and human friendship act on stage,” she said.

Magar said she is very proud of India and that her students are, too.