CINCINNATI — As school starts back up, so do all the sports that go along with it. Parents of student-athletes are taking notice of the increasing cost of sports.

What You Need To Know

  • Numbers show parents are paying more for youth sports and activities because of inflation 

  • One study showed the cost could be an average of almost $900 per season 

  • One mom of several young athletes says they've had to find a work-around to balance all of their sports and the cost of it 

Kristina Davis is a mom of five, and they all play sports.

“Dad and I are just super busy with management of that,” said Davis. "If I'm picking them up, then I’m running from one to the next, sometimes it’s a half hour, sometimes it’s 15 minutes."

She has two kids in soccer, one in tennis, one in team management and another getting ready for football with NFL dreams. His mom said they’ve always been a family of athletes, but that comes at a price.

“Everybody has to pay their fees, for each sport you may 200 and 400 bucks, if it’s a camp, it may be 180 bucks and that may be for a week’s time,” said Davis. 

More parents are opening their wallets to keep their kids playing.

According to the most recent survey from Project Play, last year, parents across the country were spending an average of almost $900 per season on youth sports.

“You have to think about the kids might have to eat before games, there’s gas going to and fro, so there’s a lot of hidden costs that as a parent when they were really young I didn’t count up those costs, now I’m like woah,” said Davis. 

According to that same survey, inflation is driving the prices up but Davis says there are ways to work around the costs….

“There are some great programs in our city that offer scholarships and that can be helpful, too,” said Davis. 

It's something she says makes it all worth it.

"It’s almost like you’re bringing a village around each child to make sure they’re on top of not just what’s happening on the field, but at home too,” said Davis. 

The cost of youth sports may also vary by school district and or outside league. You can check with your local athletic department for more information on those prices.