CINCINNATI — The warm weather might have you thinking about taking the kids to the park, but there’s one park that’s not just for kids, but for adults and parents to play too. 

What You Need To Know

  • A new adult playground, Kingswood Park in Deerfield Township, is now up and running 

  • The park features adult-sized playground equipment set up like a ninja/obstacle course 

  • The park is right next to two smaller playgrounds for younger kids

For Maria Boggs, even baby steps can feel like climbing a mountain after what she's been through.

“I have brain lesions on my brain since I was a baby, and I have epilepsy,” said Boggs. 

She said being at Kingswood Park makes it a little easier.

"(It's) fun…I've never been out anywhere,” said Boggs. 

She and her group came from over an hour away to just play at the new playground built specifically for adults

Kendyl Ellis helped get the group here from a day shelter where she works for adults with disabilities.

“I love it because there's not a lot of adult playgrounds. A lot of playgrounds are made for little smaller kids and little kids and it kind of makes it hard for them to be able to play on the stuff, too,” said Ellis. 

The adult playground sits right next to a playground for younger kids too, an idea Lelle Lutts Hedding helped come up with.

Lutts Hedding is the Deerfield Township trustee board president who got to work to save what used to be an old golf course and turn it into a park anyone at any age can use.

“Well, you know, as a mother of two and my children were really young when I ran for office, I saw that the more we were going to parks as they were growing up, they felt like they were aging out,” said Lutts Heading. 

The trustee board president said they plan on having summer camps and events at the new park in the coming months.

“When you see people come in from outside that never knew Kingswood existed, when you fought so hard to save it for like over a year and then for six years to develop it in the right way. I'm not kidding, it's kind of exciting,” said Lutts Hedding.