CINCINNATI — Some Ohio college students found a new way to try to save lives in an emergency. They created a board game that could help you do it. 

What You Need To Know

  • University of Cincinnati students created a board game that helps teach kids and people with disabilities how to do CPR and use an AED machine

  • Students take an idea and develop it for reproduction as a part of the 'Live Well' program at UC 

  • Through the program, students can get hired and get patents for their work

Anabel Graciela is a recent college graduate and now an inventor.

“I’m super, super happy about it and I'm sure my team members are also happy about it too,” said Graciela. 

She was part of a group of three University of Cincinnati students who created a new board game. She said they created it to teach kids and people with disabilities how to save your life.

Through a roll of the dice and a move along the board, the game has a series of trivia questions and shows you how to do CPR and use the AED machine, a machine that can restart your heart in an emergency.

“Inclusivity is very important for this game because everyone should be able to do CPR and AED so when someone out there is in trouble anyone can help them,” said Graciela.

The game is based on a children’s book and was given to students to develop over the course of about four months. It’s part of a program called 'Live Well' and it's aimed at discovering ways to help you live longer.

“We've actually done about 115 projects for each project," said the program's Executive Director Linda Dunseath.

Dunseath said all the projects were done in the 15 years since the program started. She said the program and companies team up with UC to give students a pipeline to a future career.

“They get all this professional experience, which is great. Then the companies that we work with, they may choose to hire them," said Dunseath.

For Graciela, it’s helped her earn a fellowship at UC and officially become an inventor. 

“In school projects or even other projects, it's not necessarily I have a lot of chances to work with communities and this actually gave me a chance to do that," said Graciela, "To be able to see it come to life also becomes a very fulfilling moment for me.”

The CPR board game is now for sale online

For more information about the 'Live Well' program at UC, click here.