COLUMBUS, Ohio — When it comes to Easter and chocolate bunnies, you may crave sweets more than normal, but what you may not realize is all the work chocolate factories put in this time of year. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Anthony-Thomas Candy Company hosted its 23rd annual Easter Open House on Saturday

  • Thousands of people stopped in to take a tour of the chocolate factory and meet the Easter Bunny

  • The Anthony-Thomas Candy Company is one of the largest family-run chocolate factories in the Midwest

It’s the Anthony-Thomas Candy Company’s 23rd Easter Open House. It gives families a chance to get a tour inside one of the largest family-owned chocolate factories in the Midwest. 

From observing behind-the-scenes to meeting the Easter bunny, there's a lot to do. 

Among those attending is Emily Barber. 

“(I’m) really excited,” said Barber. 

She's only six-years-old, and, like most kids, chocolate is right up her alley. 

But the chocolate here wouldn't be what it is today if not for the family working behind-the-scenes.  

"We have been operating for 71 years now,” said Nick Trifelos, a fifth generation employee.

Everything Nick Trifelos knows about chocolate comes from his great, great grandfather. 

"Believe it or not,” said Trifelos, “when my great, great grandfather immigrated from Greece when he came here, the art of making candy was a very Greek cultural tradition. He would move to where other Greeks were, and they taught each other the art of making candy, and then they said move 20 miles away and start your own shop." 

A part of running the business now is the tours, like this Easter Open House 

"It's a great way we can be sure we can be a larger part of the community,” said Trifelos.

And, while observing behind the scenes, kids here, like Barber, have one simple request: 

"I want to see the Easter Bunny." 

The event ended Saturday afternoon, but families can still take a tour inside the Anthony-Thomas Candy Company by appointment.