CINCINNATI — Bengals fever is spreading across southern Ohio, including at a high-end poster store in Cincinnati’s trendy Over-The-Rhine neighborhood. 

The Jack Wood Gallery is featuring two vintage posters that are popular with Bengals players and fans.

What You Need To Know

  • The Jack Wood Gallery sells vintage posters

  • The Gallery is located in Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood

  • The two Cincinnati Bengals-themed posters sell for between $300-$400

One is an official Super Bowl poster from 1989, when the Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers. The other is a zoo poster that Wood has found to be a big hit with Bengals fans.​

“The Jungleland poster was done by Earl Newman for the baby animal zoo out in Thousand Oaks, California,” Wood said. “I pretty much put it out there as a Bengals piece and people seem to agree and it sells more as a Bengals poster instead of a California zoo poster.”

Wood has been a fan of the team since the franchise began in 1968.

“I’ve been a fan ever since and like a lot of other fans, we’ve suffered through some lean times but we’ve had some good ones too and I’m just very excited about Joe Burrow — his style, his personality and reputation and certainly his ability,” said Wood.

The Bengals posters sell for between $300 and $400. Some of the others in Wood’s gallery go for more than $1,000.

“They’re priced according to age, subject matter and condition,” Wood said. “The bottom line is, it has to resonate with you for some reason. It has to make you want to look at it every day and hopefully smile when you do.”

Wood said that the art of poster-making exploded in France in the 1890s and that some of the best poster makers in the world were here in Ohio.

“Cincinnati was a big poster-printing town for Barnum and Bailey and Ringllng Bros. (Circus), especially in the late 19th century,” he said.

Wood said he is always on the lookout for vintage posters, including those that pay tribute to the Bengals and other Ohio sports teams.

“It’s always fun to find posters that fans will treasure,” Wood said.