CINCINNATI — University of Cincinnati leaders said the newly renovated building, which cost $80 million, will help fix its overcrowding problem. 

What You Need To Know

  • The University of Cincinnati got an $80 million upgrade to Calhoun Hall, one of its dorms

  • The dorm will be big enough to house close to 800 students 

  • University leaders said the extra space will make room for students who were living in hotels because there wasn't enough space on campus

A ribbon cutting on Thursday marked the opening of Calhoun Hall. It's the University of Cincinnati’s newest renovated dorm. 

The dorm will make room for close to 800 students.

Earlier this school year, students were forced to stay in nearby hotels because there wasn’t enough space on campus. This week, they’ll get to move into the newly renovated building. 

Student leaders said this means more to them than a new place to live.

“When you can just be in this environment and it's just, you know, do you all want to hang out? Do you want to go right over to the street and get food together or go to a dining hall? It's really just those little things, those small things that I think are really special and are really important,” said UC student Isaac Smitherman.

Most of the students who will be living in Calhoun Hall are expected to move into the building this week when they get back from winter break.