CLEVELAND — On Thursday, the City of Cleveland announced a $3.5 billion plan to transform the Cuyahoga riverfront.

The Cuyahoga River was one of the inspirations behind the Clean Water Act because of its pollution, but in recent years has significantly improved and become a place that people visit. This plan is expected to help even further. 

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb expressed his excitement about what it will do for the city. 

What You Need To Know

  • Cuyahoga riverfront plan was announced Thursday

  • It is a $3.5 billion plan that will add new residential units, office spaces, parks and entertainment areas

  • It is a 15-20 year plan

“For a long time our river has been seen as a national model for climate justice and a rebirth in this country and today’s vision you’re going to see will certainly be not just a national model but I believe a global model for how to truly create equity in terms of master planning and how to truly make sure our waterfronts and our riverfront can be​ a model for the nation,” he said. 

The goal is to turn Cleveland into a 15-minute city, which is based off the idea that people can work, live and socialize all within the same area.

Bedrock Real Estate is the head of the Cuyahoga Riverfront project. CEO of Rocket Companies, Jay Farner, said he thinks this plan will help modernize Cleveland.

“I think we’ll all really start believing what the next phase of Cleveland looks like,” he said.

The plan is to build new residential units, office spaces, entertainment areas and parks, as well as open up other retail and recreation opportunities.

Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin said he wants everyone in Cleveland and surrounding areas to enjoy this project. 

“That this becomes an inclusive project that everyone in the city of Cleveland and quite frankly the region and Ohio will get a chance to enjoy and everyone will feel that they get a great return on their investment,” he said.

The project will take 15 to 20 years to complete and puts an emphasis on accessibility, sustainability and equity.