NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — A northeast Ohio resident has taken Halloween decorations and Cleveland Browns football to a whole new level with a Browns-themed Halloween display.

“The first one we end up getting was this guy, 12 foot, we call him Hawk,” said Jeremy Dennis as he showed off his haunted front yard display. 

What You Need To Know

  • Jeremy Dennis said he's had a love of decorating for Halloween since he was a kid

  • He said he loves the Cleveland Browns just as much as he loves Halloween

  • Dennis said everything in his front yard has a meaning 

  • This year, he said he is dedicating his Halloween display to his late grandmother, Christine Dennis

Dennis said everything in his front yard has meaning.

“So all these dogs represent the Browns,” said Dennis. "What we did is we incorporate a little bit of hands with blood, feet with blood, a little bit of sayings."

Each year, Dennis said he creates a massive Halloween display in his yard.

“We've got tombstones, Ben Roethlisberger, Vinny Testaverde, and John Elway,” said Dennis. “All really good quarterbacks or rivalries of the Browns."

He also had to add in a bit of comic relief.

“Of course, we've got Baker Mayfield, no longer with us. Everybody knows why. Nothing else to say about that,” said Dennis, as he pointed at a Baker Mayfield jersey hanging from his gutters.  

Dennis said there’s more to the decor that meets the eye.

"My grandmother, she just passed away at 91 recently back here in May. She loved football,"  said Dennis. "She loved the Cleveland Browns. I mean, one of her favorite players was Myles Garrett."