JOHNSTOWN, Ohio — President Joe Biden attended the Intel plant groundbreaking in Licking County on Friday afternoon.

Despite the pomp and circumstance of the event, many residents of Licking County have mixed feelings about this new plant, including Becky and Michael Rak. Becky Rak said that change was bound to happen for this community. 

What You Need To Know

  • President Joe Biden went to the new Intel plant groundbreaking in Licking County

  • Licking County residents are conflicted about how they feel about the plant coming into their community

  • Construction on the plant has started and is expected to be finished by 2025

“I think progress is inevitable,” she said. 

Another person who is excited about the change is an antique store employee, Howard Lyons. He has worked for Antiques on Main in Johnstown for three years and he expressed how much he is looking forward to the new plant.

“I’ve seen these changes where you move into an area there’s nothing, all the industry comes in and I think it’s a good thing cause there’s jobs coming in and more people come in, and I think that’s good,” he said. 

Michael Rak said that he understands why not everyone in the community isn’t on board with these changes. 

“I understand that they don’t want to lose the small town aspects of living here. The leaving your doors unlocked kind of thing. And it can bring more of an urban culture out this direction, so I can see that as a concern,” he said.

However, he does think this will be a positive for the community and move it in the right direction. 

“I think it’s a fabulous opportunity for not only the county, but also the state and it’s going to bring a lot of jobs and bring notoriety here,” he said.

Construction of the $20 billion Intel chip plant has already begun and is expected to be finished by 2025.